1 Weird Rule for Preventing Dementia

It’s a fact that dementia is more and more common, with 50 million people worldwide experiencing varying degrees of the condition. This sounds like a scary statistic, but it’s simply due to the fact that people are living longer, rather than the disease becoming stronger. That doesn’t mean to say that if you live a long life then you’ll be cursed with dementia at the end. A few easy lifestyle tweaks – balanced diet, careful alcohol use, regular exercise and stimulating hobbies – will ensure your brain cells keep firing and neural connections remain strong.

Sounds simple enough, but science recently discovered there’s another surprising trick that is truly effective at keeping brain deterioration at bay. No, it’s not a wonder drug or some laboratory trickery – it’s a happy marriage! That’s right: people who are married are less likely to get dementia as they age. Michigan State University analysed four groups of unmarried people, including: divorced or separated; widowed; never married; and cohabiters. The study found that people who were divorced had the biggest risk of dementia. In particular, divorced men had more chance of getting dementia than women.

Although there are further studies to do, this suggests that things like healthy meals with your spouse, interactions with your loved one, and social activies as a married couple all go towards keeping brainwaves firing. Even the odd argument is good for cognitive stimulation!

Commenting on the research, sociology professor Hui Liu says: “This is important because the number of unmarried older adults in the United States continues to grow, as people live longer and marital histories become more complex.

“Marital status is an important but overlooked protective factor for dementia.”

So if you’ve not walked up the aisle already, be sure to find your buddy for life to keep your brain buzzing!

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